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We help cities and regions to provide green mobility solutions that drive quality of life, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Our approach

Unser Ansatz

Addressing technologies, concepts and solutions in the three electromobility constitutent sectors automotive, renewable energy and ICT will help regions and cities to establish holistic mobility concepts.

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Our activities

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The development of concepts for future business models, the design of cross-border field tests and the elaboration and adoption of a transnational Joint Action & Business Plan, is what the project strives for.

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Get to know us

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By bringing together 10 partners from six neighbouring countries the project Consortium represents a wide spectrum in terms of regional institutional capacities, economic structures and R&D priorities.

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Upcomming Events
O c t 13

Next-Generation Transport & Sustainable Mobility Symposium

Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology and VEHICULE will host the «Next-Generation Transport & Sustainable Mobility» Symposium on 13th October 2014 at Musé de l'Aventure Peugeot in Montbéliard (FR). Further information available by contacting the project partner.

O c t 23

European Prospects on Transportation Electrification - Infrastructure and Powertrain Conference

The Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTMB) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) will host the «European Prospects on Transportation Electrification - Infrastructures and Powertrain» conference on Octorber 23, 2014 at UTBM, Belfort, France.

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N o v 10

ELMOs at the 17. TCI Global Conference

ELMOs will give two presenations on the topics 'Electro Mobility as a tool for regional development and clusters' and 'Cluster & Open Innovation' at the 17th TCI Global Conference 'Creating shared value through clusters for a sustainable future' held from November 10 to 17, 2014 in Montreal.

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D e c 2

ELMOs Finanl Conference

ELMOs final conference will take place in the framework of the MOBILIS annual conference & business event on 'The Future of Mobility' on 2 December 2014 in Strasbourg. Further information will be made available shortly.

J u l 11

Tesla plans fast charging stations in Switzerland

Tesla plans fast charging stations in Switzerland. Currently five to six locations for Tesla fast charging stations are evaluated. Thnaks to a power of 120 KW, vehicle batteries can be charged half within 20 minutes.

J u l 09

TCBE.CH contributes to the Use of Elector Vehicles Taxis

In autumn 2015 the taxi company Nova-Taxi plans to use electro vehicles as taxi cars in Bern

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J u l 08

Tesla omits to Open Innovation

Tesla waived their patent rights to the competitors and the free market.

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J u l i 13

E-Mobility Inventory

Learn more about elector mobility in the regions.
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