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ELMOs Newsletter


We are proud to present you the third Newsletter from the Project ELMOs (Electromobility Solutions for Cities and Regions). ELMOs is a FP7 Project funded by the European Commission. This second News-letter focuses on the region of Alsace and Franche-Comté.

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Project ELMOs

ELMOs promotes more sustainable transport through the development of electromobility solutions for cities and regions (ELMOs). The project delivers concepts for a better exchange of electromobility knowledge at regional and EU level…

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Electromobility in the Region of Alsace and Franche-Comté.

Alsace and Franche-Comté have a long-standing tradition in the automotive industry (over 1,000 businesses, including a high majority of suppliers) and contribute to making France the second largest automotive manufacturing centre in Europe. These two regions have a full range of competencies required to design and produce vehicles, with a focus on drive systems and car components. Also they have taken up the challenge of opening up new markets like electromobility. There is a political and economic intention to create a whole electromobility ecosystem on the territory, by means of support to related R&D; projects (new EV concepts, lightweight materials, electric drive systems, fuel cells, charging infrastructure, smart grids, ITS, logistics and mobility services), local EV pilots, new education courses, public incentives and by gaining expertise from a broader spectrum of sectors (ICT, energy).

Interesting e-mobility related projects in Alsace/Franche-Comté:

ALSACE AUTO 2.0: FRESHMILE is currently leading an e-mobility service pilot in Alsace called “ALSACE AUTO 2.0”. This project will provide electric cars to end-users on a subscription basis, while the service is designed to optimise the impact of electric vehicle charging on the electrical grid by aggregating the load and storage capacities of the batteries and managing their charging patterns. ALSACE AUTO 2.0 project is currently rolling out the electric mobility service for 50 electric vehicles, with charging spots installed at home and at work for each rural commuter subscribing to the service. The cost of vehicle operation will be reduced by monetising the load and storage capacities of the batteries and by lowering the monthly subscription fee for each electric vehicle. Apart from technical challenges, the project aims at validating the e-mobility service’s business model.

SYSOLAR: This project is a pilot dedicated to electromobility, solar energy and smart grids. It is developed by CLEMESSY, a company specialised in electrical engineering and expertise in the field of validation measurements and systems. The SYSOLAR project relates to the use of a fleet of EVs integrating charging infrastructure, coupled to photovoltaic electricity generation. Designed as an experimental test bench, all the information coming from the vehicles, charging terminals and photovoltaic panels is processed and analysed, which allows the equipment to be validated technically and economically from three different perspectives: users, charging infrastructure and energy. The next stage will focus on the development of a simulation and validation system dedicated to optimising energy management. This platform “from sun to wheels” was officially inaugurated in July 2013 in Mulhouse.

MOBYPOST: Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM) and other MOBYPOST partners developed the concept of EVs powered by fuel cells using hydrogen produced locally by renewable energy and tested in the framework of postal mail delivery services. MOBYPOST implements low-pressure storage solutions for hydrogen over two fleets of 5 EVs. The development of the vehicles and related refuelling stations comprises all the certification processes as well as public acceptance assessment. A significant experimentation enables to proof the viability of the technology and initiates short-term commercialisation. MOBYPOST is a EU project involving 8 partners under the FP7-JTI programme.


Other projects under development

Local electric car-sharing service specifically designed for tourists:

  • Awareness-raising and crowdfunding platform to support local green energy projects by offsetting the consumption of EVs
  • Innovative mobility service pilot for cross-border workers between France and Switzerland
  • Transport modelling tool for urban planners and transport practitioners to implement efficient low-carbon mobility measures and policies throughout Europe
  • Development of an unified Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for urban and suburban mobility in connexion with Car2Road platform www.car2road.com

Léonard Gay
Expert Project Manager
Pôle Véhicule du Futur Automotive & Mobility Cluster
Fon: +33 667 055-459

Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology – Your Academic Partner for Transport Research and Innovation

Created in 1999, Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM) is a based in Franche-Comté with 2,700 students, 400 staff members – half of them are teachers or researchers (2013 figures). UTBM promotes engineers to beoperational and particularly suited to technological evolution and to changes in society. Furthermore, the 5 engineering courses offered are enhanced by industrial research activities.

UTBM research departments' activities converge towards the topic of terrestrial transport and energy

  • LERMPS / Surface engineering
  • SeT / Systems and transport
  • M3M / Mechatronics, methods, models and skills
  • RECITS / Research in industrial, technological and scientific choices
  • FEMTO-ST / Automatic control, energy, applied mechanics, micro nano, optics, time frequency
  • LMC / Metallurgy and cultures laboratory
  • FC Lab / Battery systems for transport applications

LERMPS research unit's principal fields of application include improvements of existing mechanisms of energy production or developments of new energy technologies (e.g. fuel cells) in a way to improve performance in the automotive, aeronautical, and railways sectors. The M3M research laboratory is developing R&D; programmes into the installation of vibration tests of full cell systems in environmental test chambers, whereas SeT research unit is more focused on electrical engineering, computer sciences, ergonomics and is for instance involved in automated/connected electric vehicles as well as drive systems for electric/hybrid vehicles. FC Lab is a multi-disciplinary laboratory with research activities concerning the integration, the reliability and the durability of battery systems for transport applications. It has a European vocation and is based on a structured partnership with industries working in the field of transport, such as Renault, PSA Peugeot, Citroën, Gaz de France, Delphi, Faurecia and Air Liquide. Scientific activity relies on the involvement of all the participants: researchers, technicians, teaching and administrative staff, coming from different backgrounds who contribute to the fundamental and technological knowledge base, in subjects ranging from the sciences to the humanities. UTBM recently adopted a strategy to accelerate the development of its research laboratories, encourage interdisciplinary exchange, greatly increase the number of doctoral theses being undertaken and contribute to development and technology exchange by liaising with local or international private companies.

F-90010 Belfort Cédex
Fon: +33 384 583 000
Head of Research Department
Fon: + 33 384 583 139

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